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Wednesday, July 21

Seaside moods

Between two big summer storms we had a great time at Black Sea. But even the rainy weather can be relaxing and can teach you that the best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.

.. with sound :)

Thursday, July 8

A day walk

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A nice walk in the coolness of a summerday between 2 storms cand be relaxing. So does Bucharest this week.

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As "In the City" chapter i found an interesting article about how some gasometers in Vienna were turned into modern living spaces.
Constructed in1896, and used to store the gas that supplied Vienna, these four giant gasometers are now used as modern and original living spaces. Remnants of the industrial age, gasometers all over the world have been demolished, or simply abandoned and left at the mercy of the elements. But the people of Vienna thought it would be a shame to just wipe these once useful structures off the face of the earth, and came up with a way to give them new meaning.
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Wednesday, July 7

Karlitos mi amor :)


Whether you feel it is time to add a dog to the family or you have finally caved in to your children's pestering, you have finally decided to get a dog. But, with so many breeds available, which one would be good for your family and what characteristics should you look for?

Children are often unaware of their own strength and can unintentionally play a little rough. It is the responsibilty of the parents to supervise any interaction between pets and children and to teach the children to play gently. There are, however, times when a clumbsy child may tumble near the family dog and latch on in an attempt to stop a fall. Or, the child may pet the dog a little too rough as she is learning how to be gentle. For these reasons, any family dog should be tolerant enough to allow some hard patting or tail and ear tugging.

Meet my(tolerant with the children in the park) dog, Karla :)

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Saturday, July 3

The road ...

listen !

Rich dreams now witch he was loathe to wake from. Things no longer known in the world. The cold drove him forth to mend the fire. Memory of her crossing the lawn toward the house in the early morning in a thin rose gown that clung to her breasts. He thought each memory reacalled must do some violence to its origins. As in a party game. Say the word and pass it on. So be sparing. What you alter in the remembering has yet a reality, known or not.

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You can’t depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus. Mark Twain

Friday, July 2



Piglet: Winnie, how do you spell love?
Winnie: You don’t spell love, Piglet. You feel it.
Winnie the Pooh


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Tie in ce colt de lume ti-ar place sa mergi ?

Astazi am participat cu catziva prieteni la un mic joc de aducere aminte a celor mai frumoase locuri in care am mers in ultimii doi ani. Mi-am luat libertatea de a raspunde dupa o pauza de gandire aici pe blog pentru ca erau destul de multe care m-au impresionat.
Asadar, va prezint o particica din tara celui mai vechi popor european. Tara cea hexagonala, a patra putere a lumii ca bogatie si cea mai numeroasa natiune din Europa de Vest, existand sub forma actuala inca din secolul al XV-lea. Are 77 de milioane de vizitatori, fiind cea mai populata destinatie turistica din Europa. Peisaj superb, orase istorice, mancare si vinuri neintrecute, cultura unica si magazine elegante. Franta.

Sudul tarii este o regiune de coasta, o regiune a "peisajelor de nivel 0".
Ce mi-a placut foarte mult a fost coasta mediteraneeana cu plaje minunate, lungi si nisipoase, flancate de viaducte si poduri deasupra padurilor de pin si chiparosi, culminand cu statiunile luxoase.

Este un peisaj superb, punctul forte al turului poate fi Monaco de unde puteti continua drumul de coasta in Italia sau sa va intoarceti spre cazarea romantica din vreo casa traditionala in mijlocul viilor ce capitoneaza peisajul deluros. Este o zona cu posibilitati nelimitate de petrecere a vacantei de vara.

Tie in ce colt de lume ti-ar place sa mergi/revii? :)


Cu ocazia asta, ar trebui sa treceti in revista si sectiunea"drives of a lifetime" de aici

Thursday, July 1

Disclaimer #2

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- Stii cum sa iesi dintr-un labirint?
- Nu, nu stiu..
- Pai, in secunda in care ai intrat pune mana pe zid apoi mergi; si atat timp cat tii mana pe zid, vei iesi din el.
Dar labirintul asta, cel pe care l-am creat eu ...

... nu are nici un zid
- Si nici macar nu stiu de ce te deranjeaza :)


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