Saturday, July 3

The road ...

listen !

Rich dreams now witch he was loathe to wake from. Things no longer known in the world. The cold drove him forth to mend the fire. Memory of her crossing the lawn toward the house in the early morning in a thin rose gown that clung to her breasts. He thought each memory reacalled must do some violence to its origins. As in a party game. Say the word and pass it on. So be sparing. What you alter in the remembering has yet a reality, known or not.

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You can’t depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus. Mark Twain


Silvana said...

Iarba, florile si greierii... Atac naturrorist la adresa sigurantei traficului feroviar romanesc :))

Octavian-Andrei Brezean said...

hehe , acea infuzie cu flori de camp crescute pe marginile terasamentului. ceva de seara, lejer asa :D

multumesc frumos! :)

Lucian (naycool) said...

Ooooo.... faina tare colegutule! Imi place cum ai prelucrat-o.

Stiu aici in Galati un loc numa' bun de asa fotografii... ca tot s-a inchis de la inundatii un tronson de cale ferata :))

Spor in continuare!!!

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