Wednesday, July 7

Karlitos mi amor :)

Whether you feel it is time to add a dog to the family or you have finally caved in to your children's pestering, you have finally decided to get a dog. But, with so many breeds available, which one would be good for your family and what characteristics should you look for?

Children are often unaware of their own strength and can unintentionally play a little rough. It is the responsibilty of the parents to supervise any interaction between pets and children and to teach the children to play gently. There are, however, times when a clumbsy child may tumble near the family dog and latch on in an attempt to stop a fall. Or, the child may pet the dog a little too rough as she is learning how to be gentle. For these reasons, any family dog should be tolerant enough to allow some hard patting or tail and ear tugging.

Meet my(tolerant with the children in the park) dog, Karla :)

_IGP5354 (968 x 648)


Florina said...


Florina said...


Carmen said...

me love's her eyes >:d<

mitza said...

aiii Fernando... nice dog, very friendly indeed. First time I saw her I taught it was a Sheppard dog(or a sheep).

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