Thursday, July 8

A day walk

01 (968 x 648)

A nice walk in the coolness of a summerday between 2 storms cand be relaxing. So does Bucharest this week.

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As "In the City" chapter i found an interesting article about how some gasometers in Vienna were turned into modern living spaces.
Constructed in1896, and used to store the gas that supplied Vienna, these four giant gasometers are now used as modern and original living spaces. Remnants of the industrial age, gasometers all over the world have been demolished, or simply abandoned and left at the mercy of the elements. But the people of Vienna thought it would be a shame to just wipe these once useful structures off the face of the earth, and came up with a way to give them new meaning.
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Irocheez said...

nice complementary colors and light. cool house.

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