Friday, February 5

The basis of optimism is sheer terror — Oscar Wilde

01 (968 x 648)

E ceva in fotografia asta facuta de bursuc care ma determina sa ma opresc asupra ei de fiecare data cand o privesc. A, sunt eu :D , dar nu e numai asta. Oradea, ianuarie 2010.


LLemon said...

really optimistic portrait of yours, that smile could be a lesson!!
the chance of your hair doing well is minimal :D

looking forward to come to the workshop

Dan said...

the chance of your hair being freshly cut is maximal :))
vezi colegu de ce tre sa mai treci pe la Oradie? :D

Octavian-Andrei Brezean said...

like the optimistic side effects of driving hours to badger's house ;))

thank you llemon :)

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